How To Use Horsetail Herb For Improved Health


How To Use Horsetail Herb For Improved Health

What Is Horsetail Herb?

It’s not often that you come across a living fossil, but in effect, that is precisely what Horsetail Herb is. This is, of course, the common name of Equisetum, which is the last remaining species of the genus of that name. The remaining members of that genus have gone extinct, so this is truly a blast from the past, and has some unique characteristics to go with that great backstory! They are defined by a singular vascular shoot that forms the main stem and the leaves are largely non-photosynthetic. Furthermore, they reproduce via spores, not seeds – a very unusual quality for a plant. Historical records include mentions of horsetail being used for myriad health issues dating back to Greek and Roman times.

Health Benefits Of Horsetail Herb

Some of the health benefits of Horsetail Herb are 



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