Thai Tea: Benefits & How To Make


Thai Tea: Benefits & How To Make

Drinking Thai tea is a way of life in some parts of the world, and it also boosts your overall health and wellness in a number of surprising ways.

What Is Thai Tea?

Thai tea is a popular traditional beverage in Thailand that is served either hot or cold and is generally prepared with tea, sugar, and milk. While those ingredients don’t sound particularly interesting or unique, the tea blend tends to be a local Ceylon variety, and there are many other ingredients, spices or alterations that are made, depending on who is preparing the tea. Different types of milk are added, star anise or tamarind seed may be mixed in, among other popular variations. This creamy and frothy drink can come in light or dark varieties and is more popularly served with ice. That being said, in the mornings, hot Thai tea is also a popular option.

Variations Of Thai Tea

The basic variations of this tea include hot Thai tea and cold Thai tea.


The hot varieties of this tea include Thai hot tea, which is brewed hot and then sweetened with milk and sugar. The other variety, dark Thai hot tea, eliminates the milk, so the beverage is sweetened only with sugar. Both of these varieties may include other spices and flavorings, depending on your recipe or preference.


When serving this beverage cold, one variation could be dark Thai iced tea, which is simply the basic brew with sugar, rather than adding the milk for the frothy appearance. Another variation is called lime tea, in which the dark Thai iced tea is sweetened with lime, sugar, and mint.

Thai Tea Nutrition Facts

This specialty tea is a good source of sugar, protein, and fat, depending on how you prepare the beverage. Moderation is also key since there is a good amount of calories, ranging from 180-300 calories per glass. However, this is all derived from the sugar and milk; the tea itself is a calorie-free drink. Again, depending on your preparation method, you may also get significant levels of vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium. There are also notable antioxidants and active ingredients in the tea leaves that boost overall health.


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